20160822 St. Pio’s supernatural knowledge

The extraordinary seemed to become ordinary in the life of Padre Pio. This holy man had the supernatural gifts of knowledge, bilocation, and healing.

One day at sunset, Padre Pio was chatting with people in the garden of the monastery. When he realized his handkerchief was missing, he said to one of those present, “Here is the key to my cell. Please go there and get me a handkerchief.”  The man went to the cell but besides the handkerchief, he also took one of Padre Pio’s half gloves and put it in his pocket. He could not resist the temptation to obtain a relic! But when he went back and gave Padre Pio the handkerchief, Padre Pio said to him: “Thanks, but now go back to the cell and put back in the drawer the half glove that you put in your pocket”.

In 1921 a man, who had belonged to a gang of criminals had decided to kill his wife in order to be free to marry another woman. He planned to arrange for her to have confession with Padre Pio and then kill her after the confession. When he reached the monastery, he knelt in front of Padre Pio’s confessional, and began to make the sign of the cross. But before he finished, cries came from the confessional.  “Go away”  “Go away” “Go Away” “Don’t you know that it is forbidden to kill somebody?” Then Padre Pio grabbed the man by the arm and led him away.  The man ran away to the country where he tripped on a boulder and fell face down in the mud.  Filled with remorse, he returned to church and asked Padre Pio to hear his confession. Padre Pio agreed and spoke to him with great kindness. Padre Pio listed for him his whole life, moment by moment, sin after sin, crime after crime, everything in incredible detail, until he finally came to his recent intention to kill his wife. The man listened to Padre Pio speaking about the homicide that he had planned in his own mind, and he threw himself at the feet of the priest and begged for forgiveness. Padre Pio asked him, “You have desired to have children haven’t you?  Well, do not offend God anymore and you will have a child”. The man returned a year later to Padre Pio, totally converted and he had become the father of a child who was born from the same wife he had wanted to kill. 

In 1952, a woman gave birth. Her son was born with complications and she also needed a blood transfusion. However, because of the emergency they did not properly assess the blood type. She was “O” type but they gave her “A” type. The consequences were very serious: high fever, convulsions and a pulmonary constriction along with other health problems. A priest was called to give her holy viaticum. When her relatives took the priest to the gate, she was alone, and Padre Pio appeared to her. He showed her his stigmatized hands and said: “I am Padre Pio, you will not die! Pray with me an ‘Our Father’ and in the future you will come to San Giovanni Rotondo to meet with me.” She stood up and sat down and when her relatives came back, they found her praying. She invited them to pray together and told them about the vision. Few months later she went to San Giovanni Rotondo to thank Padre Pio. He said to her: “You received a miracle but you do not have to thank me. The Sacred Heart of Jesus sent me to rescue you because you are devoted to His Heart and you practised the Nine First Friday’s of the month.”

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