20140418 Seraph visits St. Faustina

Lent 1938 was the last Lent for St. Faustina. Our Lord said to her: “I am taking you into My school for the whole of Lent. I want to teach you how to suffer.”
During Mass, Our Lord said, “My pupil, have great love for those who cause you suffering. Do good to those who hate you.”
St. Faustina answered, “O my Master, You see very well that I feel no love for them, and that troubles me.”
Jesus said, “It is not always within your power to control your feelings. You will recognize that you have love if, after having experienced annoyance and contradiction, you do not lose your peace, but pray for those who have made you suffer and wish them well.”
The health of St. Faustina deteriorated, and on April 21, 1938, her superiors decided to send her to the hospital in Pradnik again. She would stay there for almost five months.
Before her departure, she worried that she would be put in bed in a ward and be exposed to all sorts of things. She poured out her whole heart before Jesus, and He replied, “Be at peace, My child, I am with you. Go in great peace. All is ready; I have ordered, in My own special way, a private room to be prepared for you.”
Sister Felicia Zakowiecka accompanied St. Faustina to the hospital. St. Felicia recalled: “When we arrived, a private room for Sister Faustina had already been prepared, and the Sacred Heart Sisters had even placed two bouquets there. We were caught by surprise: what is this?
“We then found out that a man who had suffered from tuberculosis had died unexpectedly three hours earlier. Sister Faustina said to me with great peace and joy in her quiet voice, ‘How good the Lord Jesus is! He heard my prayer.’ There was joyous surprise in her eyes.”
Sister David, who looked after St. Faustina, said, “Tomorrow you will not receive the Lord Jesus, Sister, because you are very tired; later on, we shall see.” This hurt her very much.
The next morning, she made her meditation, and when her love and desire had reached a high degree, she saw at her bedside a seraph, who said, “Behold the Lord of Angels,” and gave her Holy Communion.
St. Faustina received Communion from the seraph at least 13 times. One day she asked the seraph, “Could you perhaps hear my confession?” The seraph answered, “No spirit in heaven has that power.”
St. Faustina wrote, “The seraph was surrounded by a great light; the divinity and love of God being reflected in him. He wore a golden robe and, over it, a transparent surplice and a transparent stole. The chalice was crystal covered with a transparent veil. As soon as he gave me the Lord, he disappeared.”
On May 1, Our Lord said to St. Faustina, “If souls would put themselves completely in My care, I myself would undertake the task of sanctifying them, and I would lavish even greater graces on them.
“There are souls who thwart My efforts, but I have not given up on them; as often as they turn to Me, I hurry to their aid, shielding them with My Mercy, and I give them the first place in My compassionate Heart.”
During her stay in the hospital, Our Lord taught St. Faustina to be detached from the world and from creatures. He said to her, “Do not value any external thing too highly, even if it were to seem very precious to you. Let go of yourself, and abide with Me continually.”
“Set little store on what people say. Let everyone judge you as they like. Do not make excuses for yourself, it will do you no harm.”

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