20160215 Jesus converses with Faustina

From April 30, 1926, to April 30, 1928, St. Faustina was a novice at the convent in Lagiewniki, Krakow. Faustina learned a lot from her directress of novices, Mother Jozefa Brzoza. She told Faustina to be always trusting, simple, and humble. Trusting God like a little child is the key to graces. Faustina was cheerful, and she bore humiliation and unpleasantness without complaint or resentment. She explained to a religious sister that one should never complain to people, but to God alone. At the end of her first year of novitiate, Faustina experienced a period of spiritual darkness. She found it very hard to pray and to meditate, and she felt abandoned by God. She was tormented by temptation, fear, doubt, and a sense of despair. During the almost 18 months of spiritual darkness, Faustina was supported by the directress of novices. She told Faustina, “Know, dear Sister, that God has chosen you for great sanctity. This is a sign that God wants to have you very close to himself in heaven. Have great trust in the Lord Jesus.” In the midst of her difficulties, Faustina made a novena to St. Therese of the Child Jesus. On the fifth day of the novena, Faustina dreamed of St. Therese. The saint shared with Faustina that she too had suffered greatly on earth. St. Therese predicted a difficulty of Faustina would be resolved in three days. Faustina asked, “Dear sweet Therese, tell me, shall I go to heaven?” St. Therese replied, “Yes, you will go to heaven, Sister.” Faustina then asked St. Therese would she be a saint. St. Therese replied, “Yes, you will be a saint just as I am, but you must trust in the Lord Jesus.” On April 30, 1928, Faustina made her first vows. Her parents attended the ceremony. Her father was deeply moved by what Faustina told him during a walk in the convent garden: “You see, Daddy, the One to Whom I made my vows is my husband and your son-in-law.” St. Faustina’s juniorate, the five years between first vows and perpetual vows, was one of constant transfers, for in emergencies it was easier to move Faustina to other convents. Faustina never protested or murmured about the decision of her superiors. She took the vow of obedience seriously. Once she said, “I purely want to do the will of God. Wherever Mother sends me, I know that that shall be what God requires of me.” Faustina’s spiritual experiences during her juniorate included being summoned to the judgment seat of God. She saw the complete condition of her soul and realized that even the smallest transgressions would have to be accounted for. Jesus told Faustina that she deserved one day of fire in purgatory. He said, “Which do you prefer, to suffer now, for one day, in purgatory or for a short while on earth?” Faustina was willing to choose both, but the Lord said, “One is enough; you will go back to earth, and there you will suffer much, but not for long; you will accomplish my will and my desires, and a faithful servant of mine will help you to do this.” During another experience Faustina learned about the anger of God towards the most beautiful city in Poland. Jesus requested Faustina unite herself closely to Him during Mass and offer His Blood and Wounds to the heavenly Father in expiation for the sins of that city. The Lord asked her to do this for seven days. Once, during the renewal of vows, Jesus tied His golden cincture around Faustina’s waist. He said, “I give you eternal love, that your purity may be untarnished, and as a sign that you will never be subject to temptations against purity.”

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