20151109 Amazing miracles

An extraordinary event took place in 1849. Charles was a fifteen years old boy who attended the oratory. He was seriously ill and was close to death. Charles was anxious to have Don Bosco for confession, but he was out of town. The assistant pastor came to hear his confession. Thirty-six hours later, Charles died but before his death he repeatedly asked for Don Bosco.
As soon as Don Bosco returned, he was told that people had come several times looking for him because of Charles. Don Bosco hurried to Charles’ house. On reaching the house, Don Bosco found a black drape over the door with the boy’s name on it. Don Bosco went up to console the parents. They told Don Bosco that Charles passed away that very morning.
Don Bosco recounted, “On entering the room, somehow I got the thought that the boy was not dead. I approached the bed and called him by name: Charles! At that, he opened his eyes and greeted me with a smile full of surprise. ‘Oh, Don Bosco,’ he said loudly, ‘you have woken me up from a bed dream!'”
Charles went on: “I felt I was being pushed into a long dark cave, so narrow that I could hardly breathe. At the end, I could see a larger space with more light, where many souls were being judged. My anguish and terror were increasing because I saw that many were being condemned. Suddenly my turn came, and I was terrified because I had made my last confession badly. At that moment, you woke me up!”
The parents of Charles entered the room. Charles embraced them and asked to be left alone with Don Bosco. Charles had omitted a mortal sin in his last confession and now he made his confession to Don Bosco.
For about two hours Charles was able to talk, move and look around, but all the while his body remained cold. He repeatedly asked Don Bosco to warn the boys always to tell all their sins in confession. Finally, Don Bosco said to him, “Now you are in the state of grace. Heaven stands open for you. Do you want to go there or remain here with us?” Charles replied, “I want to go to heaven.” Don Bosco said, “Goodbye then, until we meet in heaven.” Thereupon Charles closed his eyes, lay back on the pillow and quietly fell asleep again in the Lord. The event of the temporary resurrection of Charles resulted in a notable number of conversions and sincere confessions.
One Sunday after All Saints’ Day in 1849, Don Bosco took the boys to pray at the cemetery. He promised them chestnuts on their return to Valdocco. Mamma Margaret had brought three bags, but she only cooked a small amount, thinking it would be enough. Joseph Buzzetti poured the cooked chestnuts into a basket and Don Bosco started to distribute them generously. Buzzetti let Don Bosco knew that he shouldn’t be giving too much to each boy for what in the basket was all that they had. Don Bosco did not want to give skimpy portions and calmly replied, “Let’s keep giving them out as long as they last.”
There were about six hundred boys. After about one third of the boys had been served, the basket was almost emptied, Don Bosco went upstairs for more chestnuts, but discovered that Margaret only cooked a small pot. Don Bosco said, “I promised the boys chestnuts and I have to keep my word!” He then resumed the distribution with what was in the basket, but to the amazement of all, the basket was never empty. After the last boy received his share, they all shouted, “Don Bosco is a saint!”

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