20140721Priest seeks peace through obedience 聽命中獲得平安

The newly ordained Father Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (now Pope St. John XXIII) made these resolutions in November 1904:
* Throughout the morning, from the first moment I awaken until some time after Mass, I will apply myself exclusively to spiritual thoughts and occupations: vocal prayers, spiritual reading, meditation, the recital of the Divine Office, and so on.
* My most important duty will be to pay my daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament, with the greatest fervour. I owe everything to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so I will have a most loving devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

Bishop’s secretary
On Jan. 8, 1905, St. John Vianney was beatified. That afternoon it was announced that the Vatican Canon, Msgr. Giacomo Maria Radini Tedeschi, would become the bishop of Bergamo.
Father Roncalli was appointed secretary to the new bishop, and held the post from 1905 to 1914. Bishop Radini died of cancer Aug. 22, 1914, during the early days of World War I. His last words to Father Roncalli were, “Angelo, pray for peace.”
During his years as secretary, Father Roncalli was involved in the academic works of teaching and editing. In October 1906 he began to teach Church history in the seminary. Later on he would also teach apologetics and patristics. In 1908 he began to edit in five volumes the acts of St. Charles Borromeo’s visitation during 1575 of the diocese of Bergamo.
Father Roncalli obediently carried out the numerous tasked entrusted to him. He was on the editorial staff of the official periodical of the Bishop and Diocesan Curia. He was the secretary of the 33rd Synod of the diocese in 1910. He became the president of the fifth division of Catholic Action. At the request of his bishop, Father Roncalli edited the collective letter of the Lombard episcopate in 1912.
In October 1912, during a retreat, Father Roncalli wrote, “I must not try to find or follow new ways of doing good. I live under obedience, and obedience has already overburdened me with so many occupations that my shoulders are sagging under the weight. But I am willing to bear this and other burdens, if the Lord so desires. My rest will be in heaven.
“These are the years for hard work. My bishop sets me an example, since he does more than I. I will be most careful never to waste a single moment.”
Father Roncalli also wrote, “I find it humiliating, but it is my duty to insist again on the resolutions already made about being absolutely faithful to my rule of life.
“Getting up at half past five, then meditation, the Bishop’s Mass, my Mass, thanksgiving, the hours; brief but frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament, Vespers after my brief siesta, a very devout recital of the rosary; after supper Matins and Lauds, without fail, and a rather longer visit to the Blessed Sacrament; some spiritual reading before falling asleep: these are the fundamental points: they are my lifeline.”

Tenth anniversary
On the 10th anniversary of his priestly ordination (Aug. 10, 1914), Father Roncalli wrote, “My dominant thought, in my joy at having accomplished 10 years as a priest, is this: I do not belong to myself, or to others; I belong to my God, for life and death.”
“I mean to preserve my peace of mind, which is my liberty. So I shall always remember those four things which Thomas a Kempis says bring great peace and true freedom:
* “Seek to do another’s will, rather than your own.
* “Choose always to have less rather than more.
* “Always take the lowest place, so as to be inferior to everyone.
* “Always desire and pray that the will of God may be wholly fulfilled in you.”



  • 每天清晨,自一覺醒來開始到舉行彌撒後,我要完全投入我的靈修與靈功之中:朗誦經文、閱讀聖書、默想、唸大日課經等。
  • 我每天最重要的本份是以最大熱誠朝拜聖體。我虧欠聖體及耶穌聖心實在太多了,我要以最大的愛情敬禮聖體。




1905年1月8日若翰.維雅納被宣為真福,同日下午,雅格.泰戴斯基蒙席被任命為貝加莫主教。龍嘉利神父被委任作新主教的秘書直至1914年。1914年第一次世界大戰爆發, 8月22日泰戴斯基主教因癌病去世,臨終前對龍嘉利神父說:「安哲路,為和平祈禱。」








龍嘉利續寫道:「我感到謙卑,但這是我的責任再去堅持忠於生活規律所定的志向。清晨五時半起床,默想,主教的彌撒,舉行自己的彌撒,謝恩,時辰誦禱,多次短暫朝拜聖體,小休午睡後唸晚課,熱心誦唸玫瑰經,晚餐後誦讀及晨禱,較長的朝拜聖體,睡覺前閱讀聖書。這些是要點 –––– 是我的命脈。」







  1. 尋找實行他人的意願,而非自己的。
  2. 滿於少、拒受多。
  3. 在人前甘於低下。
  4. 祈求並渴望天主的旨意完全在你內承行。」


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