20130902 Little Jacinta offered sacrifices 小雅仙達奉獻犧牲

Blessed Jacinta Marto was deeply impressed by the secret of Fatima given on July 13, 1917. The first part of the secret was the vision of hell, the second part was the devotion to the Immaculate Heart, and the third part was the suffering of the Holy Father. The secret shaped the spiritual life of little Jacinta.

Concern for sinners
Jacinta was greatly impressed by the vision of hell. Frequently she sat and meditated, and would cry out, “Hell! Hell! How sorry I am for the souls that are going to hell! And people burn there alive, like wood in fire!” Sometimes she said, “So many falling into hell! So many in hell!”
To reassure Jacinta, Lucia said, “Don’t be afraid. You are going to heaven!” Jacinta answered, “Yes, I am going there, but I also want everyone to go there!” At times Jacinta would not eat in order to offer her sacrifice for sinners who eat too much.
Even when sick, Jacinta would go to Mass on weekdays. Lucia said, “Jacinta, don’t. You aren’t able, and it’s not Sunday today.”
Jacinta answered, “It doesn’t matter. I will go for sinners who don’t go even on Sundays.”

Heart of Mary
Jacinta had a great devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She said to Lucia, “That lady said that her Immaculate Heart was your refuge and the road which will lead you to God. Aren’t you thrilled! Her heart is so good and I love it!”
Jacinta’s favourite ejaculatory prayer was “Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation.” Sometimes Jacinta picked flowers in the fields and sang with a tune she had just made up: “Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation! Immaculate Heart of Mary, convert sinners, save souls from hell!”

The Holy Father
Jacinta had a great love for the Holy Father. One day she had a vision of the Pope. She said, “I saw the Holy Father in a very large house, kneeling before a table with his face in his hands. He was crying. Many people were in front of the house; some were throwing stones, while others were cursing him and using foul language. Poor Holy Father. We need to pray a lot for him!”
Another time she said, “Don’t you see many highways, so many roads, and fields full of dead people trickling blood? So many people weeping with hunger, for they have nothing to eat? And the Holy Father praying in a church before the Immaculate Heart of Mary? And many people praying with him?”
At her beatification ceremony in 2000, Pope John Paul II thanked Jacinta for praying and making sacrifices for the Holy Father.

Sickness and death
Our Lady appeared to Jacinta and foretold that she would go to Lisbon to a hospital, die alone, and be taken into heaven.
When Jacinta left for Lisbon, she hugged Lucia’s neck for a long time and said, crying, “We shall never meet again. Pray for me a lot until I go to heaven, and afterwards I will pray a lot for you…. Love Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary a great deal, and make many sacrifices for sinners.”
In Lisbon, Our Lady visited Jacinta. She told Jacinta that:
The sins which lead most people to hell are sins of impurity.
Luxuries have to be put aside.
People must not be obstinate in sin, as they had been until then.
People must perform great penances.
The Heart of Jesus wishes the Heart of Mary to be venerated at His side. Let them ask for peace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for God has given it to her.

















  •  令最多人下地獄是不潔的罪。
  •  要摒棄奢華逸樂。
  • 人們必須停止固執於罪惡的現狀。
  • 人們必須多做補贖。
  • 耶穌切望聖心無玷聖心與祂至聖聖心一起被尊敬。讓他們要向瑪利亞無玷聖心祈求和平,因為天主已將和平交給聖母。



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