About Fr. Anthony


Father Anthony Ho is a Chinese priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Born in Hong Kong in 1976, he attended a Catholic high school run by the Salesian Fathers, whose examples inspired him to begin contemplating the priesthood. He moved to Canada in 1993 and served as a catechism teacher and prayer group leader before studying for his computer diploma at BCIT. He entered the Seminary of Christ the King in 1998 and was ordained a priest on May 30, 2006 at St. Anthony’s Parish in Vancouver. He is currently Pastor of St. John the Apostle Parish in Vancouver  (www.sjaparish.ca). The personal blog of Father Anthony is www.fatheranthonyho.ca. It contains things spiritual, catechetical, and pastoral. He is also writing a weekly column, Pax Sinica (Chinese Peace), for The B.C. Catholic newspaper.

Father Anthony is the spiritual director of the Vancouver team of Fountain of Love and Life. He also hosts a regular segment at the FLL radio program.

You may contact Father Anthony by email at fatheranthonyho@gmail.com

Please visit this site for the latest radio talks: http://fll.cc/audio-segment-type/frhotalk/

Please visit https://bccatholic.ca/authors/father-anthony-ho for the latest articles. Please visit http://franthonyho.fll.cc/ for Articles from 2009 to 2012

何庭耀(聖名:安多尼Anthony)神父,二零零六年五月三十日在溫哥華聖安多尼堂晉鐸,隸屬溫哥華總教區。 何神父在一九七六年出生於香港,曾就讀慈幼會會士開辦的中學。因受慈幼會神父的薰陶,聖召初萌心中。 一九九三年從香港移民到溫哥華,課餘教授要理,組織及帶領祈禱會。一九九八年在卑詩理工學院取得電腦課程文憑後,棄俗進入基督君王修院。二零零六年晉鐸,目前任溫哥華市的聖若望宗徒堂區的本堂神父。 何庭耀神父的個人網誌是 http://www.fatheranthonyho.ca ,內容包括神修、要理和牧靈。何神父每週於卑詩公教報的「華之安」(Pax Sinica) 專欄執寫特稿。